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Tennis Elbow

Overuse may lead to painful irritation of the tendon origin of the wrist extensor muscles. Conservative treatment is initiated with stretching exercises, and use of a bandage. Corticosteroid injections and extracorporeal shock wave therapy may be added, while surgery is rarely necessary.

Injuries of the capsule or ligaments of the elbow can lead to instability of the joint necessitating immobilization or surgical reconstruction, respectively. While fractures of the radial head are often treated conservatively, more complex bony injuries usually warrant surgery with open reduction and internal fixation.    

In severe cases of osteoarthritis of the elbow joint, arthroplasty may be necessary. While only indicated in some patients, it can yield good results, especially in the elderly. Bursitis of the elbow can be caused by mechanic overuse, or by bacteria entering the bursa.  This can be managed by immobilization and, in the latter case, antibiotics. Should conservative treatment fail, the bursa is removed surgically.


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