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Carpal tunnel syndrome

Compression of the median nerve leads to pain and loss of sensation in the hand, in advanced stages also to loss of grip-strength. Treatment is initially conservative with nocturnal splint immobilization. If the condition fails to improve, a small surgical procedure is indicated.

Trigger Finger

Featuring Impaired flexion of the respective finger, sometimes accompanied by an audible “plop”, this harmless problem may initially be treated conservatively. In advanced stages, a minor surgical procedure will permanently resolve it.

Dupuytren's Contracture

is characterized by the formation of connective tissue in the palm, and sometimes the fingers, resulting in loss of function.  If full extension of one or more fingers is no longer feasible, surgery is indicated.


While some fractures of the hand or forearm can be successfully treated by immobilization, others, such as scaphoid fractures, or displaced fractures of the distal radius, may need internal fixation to preserve function, and to prevent deformities.  Some injuries to ligaments may also require surgical reconstruction, most notably an unstable ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb´s base joint.


Tendosynovitis is usually responding well to conservative treatment with rest and anti-inflammatory drugs.  In selected cases such as in the abductor tendon of the thumb, steroid injections, or surgery may occasionally be necessary.  Spontaneous tendon ruptures in patients with poorly controlled rheumatoid arthritis mandate swift reconstruction.

Ganglion Cyst

A fluid-filled cyst, most often part of the capsule of the wrist. While small ganglia are usually left in place, increasing size of the cyst, or pain, may warrant surgical removal.


Osteoarthritis and Rheumatic Destruction of the Finger Joints and Wrist Joint

While most often treated conservatively, advanced cases may require resection arthroplasty, joint reconstruction, or arthrodesis (fusion) of selected joints.


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